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load speeds

The speed your page load at has a significant bearing on whether the user hangs around to view it or not. Research by net specialists Nielsen suggest that if there is no content visible within a few seconds then the user will become tired of waiting and either refresh the page exasterbating the issue, hit the back button or will leave your site completely. All the online advancements have got a lot to answer for, it's as though it's turned us into a world of impatient click happy fiends!

It's important that your page loads quickly and efficiently. Many sites have seen more and more content appearing on a single page and it all takes time to download, so if your page is a big page it could take a long time to load. This is where our optimisation techniques will mean a quicker page load and a much happier page viewer.

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optimising your site

What exactly it is that we do we'll keep secret here - we don't want to give all of our goodies away! Ler's just say that some of the sites that we've worked on we've been able to halve the load time of a page without images, and with those that are image intensive we can knock an extra 10-50% off the remaining page load time. In one case we managed to get the page to load nearly 80% quicker - so you can either take those stats with a pinch of salt, or you can give us a call, or fill in our contact form to see how we can help you!